The Marshall Group

The Marshall Group is a special markets account management and marketing firm successfully representing select manufacturers into the world's largest customers; the US Government, Walmart and Amazon. We also specialize in airport retail, industrial distributors, and convenience stores. 

Based out of Boone, NC, The Marshall Group is led by Brett Bakken, longtime sales expert and builder of brands, along with his wife Tiffani, two oldest sons, Landon and Chandler, and daughter, Madison. Brett, along with the the second generation of Marshalls, head up the military business, as well as, working to open new businesses for companies and creating big sales growth.

Our Bentonville team comprises of Jennifer Ruscin who leads our Walmart, Sam's and Amazon business. It also is home to our marketing team led by Brad Harvey and Megan Perez.

With our full service, turn-key sales approach into the largest retail, government and .com arenas, let The Marshall Group grow your business!